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Low Down Dirty Vote Vol III

Faye's story from this anthology, The Obsession of Abel Tangier was selected for inclusion in The Best American Mystery and Suspense, 2023. Booklife called the story 'electric' and says that it turns on the line, "“Ethel started bringing a loaded Smith & Wesson .45 to every school board meeting after the death threats started.”

A Killing Rain Cover_edited.jpg

A Killing Rain (Book 2 of A Killing series)

Homicide detective Raven Burns must reckon with her dark past to catch a killer.


A Killing Fire

(Book 1 of A Killing Series)

As a child forced to witness her father’s crimes, homicide Detective Raven Burns dedicates every waking moment to proving that she is not her father’s child. But when she shoots a suspect who has what turns out to be an unloaded weapon, Raven finds that she must confront both the demons of her past and the stains on her soul in order to stop a killer.


The Best American Mystery & Suspense

Proud for short story One Bullet. One Vote to be included in this anthology.

Blood and Bone Cover.jpg

Blood & Bone: Anthology of Body Horror by Women and Non-Binary Writers

Includes short story: Too Heavy to Carry

Midnight Hour Cover Reveal (1).png

Midnight Hour: A Chilling Anthology of Crime Fiction from 20 Authors of Color

Short story Chefs included in anthology. The New York Times says, "Faye Snowden’s “Chefs,” ...evokes James M. Cain’s tone and Stanley Ellin’s fiendish mind"


Bould Awards Short Story Anthology

Described as a compilation of the "most outrageous, wackiest, scariest" short stories submitted for the anthology, Faye has two stories included: Mercy and Andromeda, the Chained Lady, or Storm in the Cane Field.


Low Down Dirty Vote: Vol 2

Short Story One Bullet. One Vote originally appeared in this anthololgy.


Fatal Justice

Two years after her mother’s murder, Dr. Kendra Hamilton has returned to the mean streets of Dunhill County to bring the killer to justice– even if it costs Kendra her life. But she doesn’t count on getting distracted by another troubling case– that of a stunning young woman with the mental capacity of a child and the sickly father who cannot care for her. When the man is accused of a heinous crime against his own daughter, Kendra knows only one person can help: the lover she left behind, former homicide detective, Richard T. Marvel.

TheSavior Book Cover (1).jpg

The Savior

The poorest section of California’s Dunhill County seems to have a love affair with tragedy, yet lately, more and more unfortunate souls are slipping through the cracks. Though Dr. Kendra Hamilton got herself off the mean streets, her mother, Violet, wasn’t so lucky. She’s the latest fatality on The Pit’s ever-growing roster of shattered lives. And although she knows Violet was living on the edge, Kendra is convinced that her death was no accident.

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