A Killing Fire


Raven Burns spent a lifetime running from the sins of her father, notorious serial killer Floyd “Fire” Burns. Now a Louisiana homicide detective, Raven is still running, because Floyd’s voice is always in her head, shadowing her steps, reminding her of who she is and where she came from.

Not that anyone would ever let her forget. Distrust of Raven’s background runs deep in the small Louisiana town that remembers Floyd well and the ritualistic murder of a local socialite fuels the fire, giving many the ammunition they need to see her gone, including those in her own department. With her badge on the line, Raven hunts for the killer, finding clues that make her question if this is more closely tied to Floyd Burns than even she’s willing to admit.

"Faye Snowden's A Killing Fire left me breathless. Driven by a complex, compelling female lead, the story twists with heart-pounding, raw energy against a lush Louisiana backdrop. I couldn't put it down!"

-- Jess Lourey, bestselling author of Unspeakable Things

"The novel was gripping, intense, and suspenseful-everything I want in a crime fiction novel."

-- Life of a Female Bibliophile



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