A Killing Fire

Raven Burns spent a lifetime running from the sins of her father, notorious serial killer Floyd “Fire” Burns. Now a Louisiana homicide detective, Raven is still running, because Floyd’s voice is always in her head, shadowing her steps, reminding her of who she is and where she came from.

Not that anyone would ever let her forget. Distrust of Raven’s background runs deep in the small Louisiana town that remembers Floyd well and the ritualistic murder of a local socialite fuels the fire, giving many the ammunition they need to see her gone, including those in her own department. With her badge on the line, Raven hunts for the killer, finding clues that make her question if this is more closely tied to Floyd Burns than even she’s willing to admit.

The Savior​

The poorest section of California’s Dunhill County seems to have a love affair with tragedy, yet lately, more and more unfortunate souls are slipping through the cracks. Though Dr. Kendra Hamilton got herself off the mean streets, her mother, Violet, wasn’t so lucky. She’s the latest fatality on The Pit’s ever-growing roster of shattered lives. And although she knows Violet was living on the edge, Kendra is convinced that her death was no accident. 

Someone is preying on society’s forgotten people…and Kendra intends to find the killer. All she has to do is get the police– one stubborn detective in particular– to take her seriously

— Four stars from Romantic Times!


— Rawsistaz says, “. . .whether you are a fan of mystery or not, this is one novel that will keep you up well into the night wondering ‘whodunit’. . .”

Fatal Justice​

Two years after her mother’s murder, Dr. Kendra Hamilton has returned to the mean streets of Dunhill County to bring the killer to justice– even if it costs Kendra her life. But she doesn’t count on getting distracted by another troubling case– that of a stunning young woman with the mental capacity of a child and the sickly father who cannot care for her. When the man is accused of a heinous crime against his own daughter, Kendra knows only one person can help: the lover she left behind, former homicide detective, Richard T. Marvel.

— Rawsistaz says, “Faye Snowden’s FATAL JUSTICE is excellent suspense. She keeps you on the edge of your chair as the unexpected happens again and again. . . The writing is tight and no matter what you think you figured out, chances are you’re wrong. It was definitely a great read.”


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